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The Next Level

The Next Level is an agency that stands for innovative marketing based on research.
We believe that in every respect there can always be a next level. The continuous
change around us is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for next level solutions. But
to be able to grasp the opportunities we must allow ourselves to leave preconceived
notions and beliefs behind us. The Next Level challenges you to do exactly that.

"There is always a next level"


It has been a long time since you could treat your customer as a dependable target. Your customer gives you a share of his disposable income because he feels comfortable with you, he believes in you, he feels connected with you. In order to hit the right chord you need to be completely connected with that
customer. It requires a next level effort to achieve this.

"There is always a next level"

The best of both worlds

Accurate understanding of your customer is of vital importance. New media like blogs, forums, social networks, microblogs, videosharing websites, review sites are a valuable resource which you cannot ignore when you want to learn about your customer. But with such an abundance of information a clear interpretation of your research is more important. You know that already from managing your quantitative data, and for qualitative data this applies even more strongly. The Next Level brings together the best practices of "connected research" and traditional research with its extensive expertise in consumer and professional behaviour. This saves repeating the obvious and really reaches a next level of understanding.

"There is always a next level"

10,000 or 74,000 hours of practice

It is a known fact that you need at least 10,000 hours of practice to become an outstanding athlete, a performer or a marketing professional. What if you can work with an agency where 74,000 hours of training, experience, and continuous striving for excellence, is the driving force? With The Next level you will be able to experience that.

"There is always a next level"

Partnerships and expert networks

The Next Level can bring you to a certain point, but there are always next steps to be taken in a project. They might be in the area of market research, marketing, advertising, design, etc. In all these areas The Next Level has a clear idea where excellent quality is available. Although there are no formal ties, there are longstanding working relationships nationally and internationally with many partners.

The Next Level likes to cooperate with 1Zero for innovative online data collection, with DME Select Marketing for recruitment of consumers and professionals and with IPM Research & Advies. IPM Research & Advies is where the roots of The Next Level are. Richard being part of this outstanding research agency for 37 years, of which 17 years as general manager.

The Next Level cooperates internationally with trusted partners such as Comperis in Germany, Liem Market Research in Belgium, Batten Research in the UK, Advira in Spain, Ales in Italy and Radar Global in China.

The Next Level is a member of MOA, Center for Information Based Decision Making & Market Research in The Netherlands and of ICG, Independent Consultants Group, the leading UK association of independent market researchers.

Think of The Next Level as your gateway for market research and marketing quality available in the market.

“There is always a next level”

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There is always a next level. It is worth fighting for.
There is always a next level.
It is worth fighting for.
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