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A selection of The Next Level's clients


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Typical cases

Making jenever up to date again
logo%20Hooghoudt%20zonder%20kader.PNGJenever is a product category that gradually caves in on the Dutch market. Being market leader it is in Hooghoudt's interest that new users enter the category and jenever's image is brought in line with today's needs. A series of hotshops has been organized to test the new positioning and for two packaging designs it has been established to what extent they are in line with this positioning. The result can be witnessed in the shops. In the meantime new product concepts have been tested, substantiating the new positioning even more.

A brandname for a new drug
TEVA is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. Drugs Teva%20logo.PNGdeveloped have to be registered. Part of the registration file has to be a brandname for the drug. This brandname has to meet a considerable number of criteria. Criteria that particularly have to do with clarity. No confusion with other drugs or indications should be caused. Globrands Naming & Strategy developed three brandnames for the new TEVA drug. Using telephone interviews with transplant doctors in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and UK The Next Level determined to what extent the concept names are adequate

The consumer who wants to vary meat
friesland_logo.gifEating meat is rooted deeply in our eating culture. But it is becoming less and less ‘a have to’. Every now and then it can be something else. But what shall it be? Last fall we sharpened the positioning of Valess, a meat replacement product produced by Royal FrieslandCampina. Based on this positioning a number of product concepts were developed recently. 2 days of intense cooperation with the client, using the input of 16 consumers led to a deepening of the understandings and to new Valess concepts that look very promising.

The business clients of an energy distribution company
liander_logo.gifLiander an energy distribution company (natural gas and electricity) is a centre of knowledge about energy. This knowledge how can it be transferred into products and services for business clients? Preferably products and services these clients are willing to pay for. During interactive sessions on three locations in the Netherlands, complemented with depth interviews with clients at their working location, a total of 42 Liander clients has been interviewed extensively about their needs with regard to energy, to the way energy is used in their companies. The image of distribution companies proved to be an important precondition for the development of ‘knowledge’ services on top of distributing gas and electricity.

Lovers of delicious bakery products
bolletje_logo_kader.gifBolletje is a brand that is in the genes of us Dutchmen. But in order to remain ‘a local hero’ the brand has to stay active. During a two day workshop with Bolletje representatives and some experts from outside the company the positioning was redefined. This positioning is now leading for the product development and communication strategy.

Zoo visitors want an experience
dierenparkemmen_logo_kader.gifWith an overkill of possibilities to recreate the zoo has become a static phenomenon. The needs of zoo visitors and potential visitors  in what way did they develop over the last couple of years? In what way an experience park Emmen can it fulfill these needs? Inspiration for and underpinning of the positioning of this experience park is acquired with the project team during 4 research sessions in Holland and Germany. The positioning is developed during a one day workshop with all concerned in Emmen. A quantitative test of the concept and a price perception test are now the basis for the business case.

Private label buyers at the ‘Voordeeldrogist’ 
kruidvat_logo.gifThe private label policy has grown organically with Kruidvat, the largest drugstore organization in The Netherlands. For one product category the choice was to use Kruidvat as a brandname, for the other category a fancy name was chosen and yet another category it was a combination of the two. The question was what would be the best solution given the needs of the private label buyer. With the input of 33 consumers, partly participating in group discussions and partly in in-depth interviews, an extensive route is covered to obtain a coherent private label policy.

2nd case

Kruidvat advertises her special offers on television with a high frequency for 2 years now. A tight format is used with a billboard and a voice over as main components. The risk of "wear out" is being recognized by Kruidvat. Using 16 depth interviews with Thought Listing, it kas been established whether "wear out" is the case.

Specialists and nurses from 4 countries about advertising for a feeding pum
Flocare Infinity feeding pumps are designed to fulfill the patient's needs in the first place. The pumps are reliable and user friendly, and meet the highest safety requirements. Thanks to its flexibility, compactness and light weight the patient is as mobile as possible.
These qualities have to come across with a newly developed advertising platform in several European countries. The communicative value of this platform is established with 50 specialists and nurses in Italy, France, Germany and The Netherlands using telephone interviews. To show the advertising material on the internet safely a special tool was developed.


A direct recommendation:
"Last week I talked to Richard Hugen. He was IPM's CEO, with
whom I did a whole lot of market research during my days at Nestlé. We have done very special things together. What I appreciated always, was his hypothesis driven research
approach and his tremendous insight into what drives humans/consumers. Richard
started a new company The Next Level, where he combines his marketing and
research expertise. I think you will find it very inspiring to meet and spar
with him. Richard has a lot of experience in retail also."

The Next Level is recommended by:

Peter de lange; Cono Kaasmakers
Being a marketeer and brand builder for Nestlé, The Emmen Zoo and recently for Cono Kaasmakers I worked with Richard on many strategic issues. Originally when he was CEO at IPM (Institute for Psychological Marketresearch), now being an independent consultant at The Next Level. Developing many different brands Richard played an important role finding the right positioning and developing products, packagings and advertising. With his outstanding, unsurpassed experience in strategic marketresearch time and again he succeeds in finding relevant consumer insights to base his clear and conclusive advice on. 

Henk Spoon; BrandWatch
"The great thing about working with Richard is that he is able to go beyond his area
of expertise, research, to understanding how his work will be used. His output
is therefor always of high quality (because he is an expert at what he does),
and actionable (because he understands "what comes next). Because of his
vast experience (30years+), he gets to the point quickly, without becoming
patronizing or dogmatic. Because of his work, I create more value for my
customers and end consumers, than I could do without his input.

Mike Dijkstra Taurel; Globrands naming & strategy
"Richard is a very pleasant personality to work with, because he's positive and
cheerful, but above all; he is very experienced, knows very well what he is
talking about and combines that with a practical approach!"

David Browning; Philips Consumer Lifestyle

“Richard and his (international) team provided a highly professional and efficient service, enabling us to develop high quality insights from consumers in a very short time; it is a real pleasure to work with him”

Jack Vleut; Nestlé, Liander
"As a client I worked with Richard in many projects. I got to know him as a very knowledgeable and passionate market researcher, who really wants to know all about the consumer/professional. He considers it a challenge to crack a problem together with the client, to give the client the material to act on based on the resuts of the study. Doing this he is not afraid of trying new ways. Above all it is always a pleasure and a challenge to work with him."

Ellen Leavers; Aviko
"Richard stands for solid high level market research. His strength goes far beyond ticking boxes on a checklist. In the research process he makes a strong distinction between the role of the interviewer and of the project manager. He always works with highly qualified, alert interviewers who get the deepest insights from the respondent. This allows Richard to concentrate fully on the interpretation of drivers, needs and motivations, to make crystal clear analyses, to spar with the client and to make a translation to strategic implications. On many occassions in different industries I have experienced this as a fascinating and interactive process. After the research I always had all the customer insights I needed as a basis for strategic marketing choices."

The Next Level recommends:

ET&Friends, management consultancy and development with a group of experts,
The Next Level being one of them
1Zero, innovative online data collection
DME Select Marketing, reliable recruitment of respondents
Groowup Reclame & Internet, interactive multimedia solutions,
Globrands Naming & Strategy, brandname development.

Industries The Next Level operated in in two years time

FMCG food - food service
- 23 projects

professional services
- 16 projects -

- 10 projects -

pharma specialties / OTC
- 9 projects -

Types of projects The Next Level did in two years time

Strategic projects; positioning, advertising strategy, product development strategy
- 31 projects -
Tactical projects; advertising, packaging, product tests
- 27 projects -

Traditional methodologies; f2f, telephone, hot shop
- 46 projects -
Online methodologies
- 12 projects -

- 33 projects -
- 14 projects -
- 11 projects -

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There is always a next level. It is worth fighting for.
There is always a next level.
It is worth fighting for.
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