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Often, in smaller marketing and sales organizations, CMI-management (Customer Mar-ket Insight) is not handled as a separate function. It is considered to be part of the job of (junior) product managers or category managers. The result is that the contribution of CMI to the marketing function remains suboptimal. The Next Level offers in-company CMI-support at the top level, without you having to make the top level investment. The Next Level is available for your organization one day per week to deal with the ongoing CMI-issues; coaching the marketers and category managers on how to use the available information, running internal workshops, defining projects for external suppliers, choos-ing the best and most cost effective parties and feeding the information into the organi-zation to facilitate marketing and sales.

"Expertise to improve your operations"

Market Research Consultancy

Market Research Consultancy is relevant when the market research solution is not that obvious. The Next Level knows what is available on the market, so can help you make a choice. Agencies will be invited to prepare a proposal and The Next Level will assist you in choosing the best offer.

"Expertise to improve your operations"


Partnering is a service that developed strongly. Marketing consultants, advertising agencies, design agencies team up with The Next Level to strengthen their proposi-tion. In that case The Next Level becomes part of the service of the partner.

"Expertise to improve your operations"

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There is always a next level. It is worth fighting for.
There is always a next level.
It is worth fighting for.
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